"The experience you gain here will be exceptional,"

The friendships you make will last a lifetime.


We endeavor to create a safe and healthy environment for all students, parents, family, friends, and horses. We will work with you and/or your child at their pace to develop an understanding of basic horsemanship skills, as well as, teaching them to respect and care for themselves, their horse, and other riders, both in and out of the ring.


For those looking to board their horse(s), we offer personal paddocks, as well as, outside board for 2-4 horses in each large pasture, with shelter provided. There are 12×12 sized stalls available as well if requested for your horse.  Boarding contracts are on a month to month basis, with current Coggins certificate required at all times.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is great fun for our students, and something that they look forward to every year!  We offer two (2) weeks to meet different schedules.  The last week in July, and the first week in August are the weeks that seem to fit in best with most schedules.